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Fighter Pilotson and the Redditors of SELF. Chapter one: Not the beginning

Two weeks ago, I posted this in the subreddit SELF on Reddit: My father died. Toworrow I have a meeting with a counselor/psychotherapist. How do I get the most out of it? My father died one month ago after 10 … Continue reading

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Today I was at a group meeting with the therapy group I’ve been attending every other week (excluding the odd misses, exam periods and the six weeks I spent in New York City last spring) this past year and last … Continue reading

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Notes at his desk

I am sitting at his desk. I am lighting my pipe. As part of my mourning, I got high and saw Back to the Future 1 in HD on the 40″ TV he left me. Hey doc? Doc! Hello! Anybody … Continue reading

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I am writing you today because my father has been put in hospital

Found this draft for an email which I wrote for my close friend who is a doctor, a few days after my father was put in hospital, on a computer I haven’t used since my father’s death: Dear [his name] … Continue reading

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My speech at his funeral

My father was born July 7th 1947 and died Febuary ninth 2011. Today, Febuary 21st 2011, we gather here at his funeral to say goodbye. Let me present to you the programme: First, I will say a couple of things. … Continue reading

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The second time the hospital called me in was at 2 AM on the first sunday of his stay

I remember sitting in a taxi, writing this on my phone on my way to the hospital: I am on my way to the hospital in a taxi. I have asked the driver to turn off his radio. Cat I … Continue reading

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Funeral preparations

I need to work on preparing my speech for my father’s funeral. I consider writing this blogpost to be a wisely chosen preparation. As part of my speech for his funeral, I will read a passage from the funeral instructions … Continue reading

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